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Singer, Songwriter and Author from Kyoto, Japan.

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Hidemi’s Rambling

A Call from Hell hr620

I’ve got voice mail from my mother. Her dismal voice made me creep all over. Since her calls almost always aim to hurt me, I’m used to receiving bad messages. But her tone was new low this time and I had to brace myself.
   I guessed it was either she conceived a new bitter idea to strike a blo…

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A Fear of Aging hr619

Before pains from my fall at the communal spa have gone completely, I accidentally got my foot caught in the heavy sauna door the other day. I felt an electric shock in my foot that was swelling in an instant. The pain was so severe that I could hardly breathe. I dreaded to think that I had a broken…

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Mona Lisa hr618

It was about when I was eight years old and visited my grandparents’ for the first time since their house was rebuilt where their old one in which my mother was born and grew up had stood. I stepped into the living room of their brand-new house and my uncle welcomed me.
   The house belonged to m…

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Lousy Neighbor / Hidemi Woods - The Walking Teddy Bear5

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Sunrise / Hidemi Woods - The Walking Teddy Bear 2

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An Old Tree in Kyoto / Hidemi Woods

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An Old Tree in Kyoto / Hidemi Woods

My parents live in my hometown, Kyoto, which is located in the western part of Japan. A long time ago, when Japan had the feudal system, my family was a landlord of the area. It has come to a complete downfall over the years, but my family still clings to its past glory. For them, to succeed the family is critical. I’m firstborn and have no brother which meant that I was a successor and destined to spend the whole life in my hometown. But music changed everything. To pursue a career in music, my hometown was too rural and I had to move out. Back then I was a college student and moving to a city meant dropping out of school. My parents fiercely opposed but as usual, they left the matter to my grandfather who controlled the family. Considering his way to keep a tight rein, everybody including myself thought he might kill me. I could have run away, but I wanted to tell him for once what I want to do for my life.



NEW ALBUM : Hidemi / Hidemi Woods

Hidemi / Hidemi Woods


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Album Notes

After I released full-length albums of my band in Japan, I moved to U.S. and started this project. It took about 12 years to complete, but I'm entirely satisfied with the fruit. The first solo album as Hidemi Woods. I made the instruments' arrangements, mixed down, did the mastering and sang, all by myself. I hope you enjoy my original songs with my sincere feelings, that are different from what you are used to listening.


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